Brutal suburban murder shocks Long Beach residents

It is true irony that public condemnation of the police conduct in the murder accelerated soon after the department committed huge funds and added this experienced undercover operative to the team, kicking the second phase of the investigation into high gear. Nelson went into character – first as the killer calling Schockner from the LA County jail, and then connecting with the middleman by posing as a close friend of the Harvey’s family. “Uncle John” became the surname for this fictional character, a conduit for the police to stimulate the suspects into reckless acts or admissions.

After almost two weeks undercover, Det. Nelson finally revealed his identity to the middleman, Frank Jaramillo, and forced him to face the reality of his criminal predicament. In an attempt to win favor with the police, he agreed to wear the department’s denim vest, one equipped with audio and video feeds, the same garment “Uncle John” wore during their Macy’s parking lot meeting when the middleman handed the undercover detective the balance of the money he owed Harvey. Still, Jaramillo denied his role in the crime and believed he would go free, Nelson said.

“I said to him: ‘You’re a bright guy, Frank. We want you to talk with Fred about Nick, and what went wrong, so we can implicate Schockner,’” Nelson explained. “I think, for some reason, Frank thought if he did all this, we were going to let him go. He’s talking to his wife on the phone, and he tells her ‘I’m gonna go help these guys - I should be back for dinner.’”

Years later Nelson and I shared a second beer in the noisy 11th floor bar at the Long Beach Airport Holiday Inn, that strange round motel with an unobstructed view of concrete and asphalt. Nelson chuckled at the memory. “He just didn’t quite get it. Even afterwards, he insisted because he didn’t commit the killing, he wasn’t involved. Well, that was his fantasy, not mine.

I told him: ‘You didn’t stab her, but you found the guy, you paid the guy, and you told him when to go down there. You don’t pay someone $5,000 just to rob a house. You paid Nick to kill Mrs. Schockner.’ “You can lie to your friends and I’ll lie to mine, but let’s not lie to each other,” Nelson insisted. But he also explained the subtle tactics he used to trap Frank Jaramillo and nuances of the investigation that never reached the public eye. Had Harvey escaped, Schockner’s oblique strategy probably would have succeeded; but once police had the killer’s cell phone, all their efforts to distance themselves from each other fell apart. The suspects forgot the first lesson of criminal success.

“That’s the mistake they made,” he stated, chuckling sardonically in memory of Harvey, Jaramillo and Schockner. “Three can keep a secret only if two of them are dead.”

Leaving Long Beach the True Crime story of the Schockner murder is published by Pileated Press

From live Facebook feed during 3/6/2015 broadcast:

Bridget Wenum - We need people to stand up for the victims of domestic violence. And to be the voice for the children who are abused. Thank you for sharing your story with the world.

Erica Mungai - What a blessing Mark is. Charlie obviously couldn't have asked for a better Uncle/dad. It seems they both saved each other.

Rebecca Peikoff - Amazing end to a horrible situation. Charlie has an amazing Aunt and Uncle (mom and dad). He truly looks like his mother. Very proud of Charlie and his family.

Donte Green -That was bittersweet to watch. But I'm glad that Charlie was left with a fantastic aunt and uncle who truly love him. What's an even greater luxury is that they were able to move on without letting such a horrific situation affect the rest of their lives.

Joyce Schrum - God Bless you and your wife for taking in your nephew and making him part of your loving family . He is a very strong young man who will go far in this world. Hug each other for me.

Lisa Rivero -I had the immense pleasure of being one of Charlie's customers at the tea shop in Orlando (did not know his story until tonight). It was always such a joy to see him in there when I walked in. What an incredible young man! I would never have guessed he had been through all of this. I wish him continued success in all of his endeavors. Much love to you Charlie!

Emma Bennett - Great ending to a tragic story. Life has many twists and turns that we don't expect to turn out for our good or for the good of others, however I firmly believe that nothing happens by chance or coincidence. Instead, to everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven.

Jada Murthy - Charlie is an incredible young man and his uncle/dad is phenomenal. God bless this beautiful family.

Lupa Lupessa - Mark Jicha Thanks for everything you are doing for Charlie. I wish for all of you the very best life has to offer.

Vickie Prentiss - Great show. This man and his nephew are truly blessed to have each other, especially considering what they had to go through. Their love for each other is amazing.

Kacie Ishmael - What a sweet man. I was in tears watching him talk about Charlie. Love the happy ending, there usually aren't too many on Dateline.