I was unable to put this book down. It is superbly written, with meticulous detail about a heinous crime committed by a truly evil sociopath. But it was more than a telling of a horrible crime and great police work -- it is the heartwarming story of a young man, subjected to seeing his mother abused by his tyrannical father -- who, thanks to being adopted by his godfather and his wife, gets a second chance at life after losing his mother to a brutal murder arranged by his father.
Laura C. Leach
Kindle Reader from Washington D.C.

An intense, behind-the-scenes look at a horrifying crime and the triumph of a family in partnership with the criminal justice system. Compelling and heart-wrenching, Leaving Long Beach uncovers the evils of domestic abuse and greed while celebrating the resilience of the young man who survives the tragedy.
Valerie A. Hepburn, PhD
President & CEO, Communities of Coastal Georgia Foundation

After reading the opening pages of Leaving Long Beach I was unable to put it down. Aside from chronicling a horrendous crime, the author gives you true sense of a courtroom drama, and more. Mark Jicha has been able to assimilate the work of police detectives, prosecutors and key witnesses to show the work and dedication it takes to bring a criminal trial to full conclusion. He does so while portraying the ravages of domestic abuse and the triumph of a family that comes together in the face of a terrible tragedy. It is a wonderful, compelling work.
The Honorable Amanda F. Williams
Superior Court Judge (Ret.) and former Prosecutor

This is a powerful true crime book written by a courageous author. Mark Jicha and his brother were devastated by their sister’s murder, but they were unrelenting in seeing the culprits brought to justice. After seven long years, three people---including Lynn’s miserable husband who masterminded the crime—were convicted and sentenced to life without parole. The Jicha family emerged victorious and stronger than ever. Leaving Long Beach is a chronicle of the American justice system and a family’s enduring love. It stays with you long after the last page is read.
Cary Knapp
Librarian, College of Coastal Georgia

A true story depicting the murder of a beautiful woman as her family unites to seek justice for their loved one. Mark Jicha does an outstanding job of  telling the story of the murder, his family’s sorrow and their plight in following the progress of the Long Beach Police Department’s investigation to identify, arrest and prosecute the perpetrators. This is one story you just won’t believe!
Jim Daher

LEAVING LONG BEACH is an interesting and touching book. Due to the horrendous nature of the crime and the criminals, I can't say I enjoyed it, but I couldn't put it down. It is a compelling account of a brother's dedication to find the true circumstances surrounding the brutal murder of his sister. As the investigation proceeds, the family welcomes his sister's son to the fold, offering lasting and positive relationships to provide the support and love for the boy who needed both. It is a touching and inspiring story.
Bobbie Bell
Kingsland Elementary School Principal (Ret.)

Leaving Long Beach the True Crime story of the Schockner murder is published by Pileated Press