Author Willl Be Featured Speaker
At Memorial For Crime Victims

Brunswick Judicial Circuit District Attorney Jackie Johnson and victim services staff from five counties will join law enforcement officials and local residents to conduct ceremonies to remember victims of violent crime and help cope with the financial, emotional and physical impact of crime.

Mark Jicha, author of Leaving Long Beach, will be the featured speaker at ceremonies in Brunswick on Thursday, April 23rd at the Glynn County Courhouse, as well as in Woodbine on Friday, April 24th at the Camden County Courthouse.

Jicha's recently-published book tells the story of his sister's murder in California on November 8, 2004. At that time, Long Beach police arrived at her home at 11 am in response to a neighbor's prowler call, effectively surrounding her house. Unknown to all, the prowler was hiding in her backyard. She walked out her back door to open a fence gate when Nick Harvey, a killer hired to end her life, killed her with his knife. Neither police nor the killer knew the other was there.

Despite evidence and Harvey's claims this was a “burglary gone bad,” LBPD conducted an extensive, month-long investigation to reveal the mastermind of the crime: Manfred Schockner, her husband of 25 years, decided to have her killed instead of proceeding with an expensive divorce. The book tells the story of the crime, investigation and eventual prosecution of all three defendants, as well as chronicling a story of domestic abuse and violence that permeated her home life.

DA Johnson offers information and assistance through her offices in Glynn, Camden, Wayne, Appling and Jeff Davis counties. For more information, contact Blythe Kelly and Melissa Joyner at the Brunswick District Attorney's office at (912) 554-7200.

Author Mark Jicha is interviewed for Dateline NBC show during a studio session with Correspondent Keith Morrison in San Diego on January 2, 2015. Producer Jessica de Vera also scheduled two photo session at the Jicha’s St. Simons Island home just before Christmas (when Charlie came home for the holidays), as well as on February 13, 2015, after the network expanded the episode to a two-hour special, scheduled for broadcast on March 6, 2015.

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Leaving Long Beach the True Crime story of the Schockner murder is published by Pileated Press